Month: August 2018

Water Sports Insurance

What is Water Sports Insurance and How do I get it?

Water sports insurance is a special policy which can be included within the ambit of your travel insurance or you may opt for it separately. Water sports insurance is similar to adventure sports or extreme sports insurance. Normal travel insurance does not cover adventure sports or extreme sports. It does cover the usual water activities such as swimming or sailing aboard a yacht but you would not be covered for scuba diving, snorkeling, kayaking, canoeing or any kind of deep sea diving and explorations of underwater caves and reefs.

Travel insurance, as Santa Cruz Car Accident Attorneys emphasizes,  is imperative for everyone, especially if you are holidaying overseas. You may not be familiar with the healthcare system in the country you are traveling to. The typical healthcare costs may be affordable or they could be exorbitant. There may not be any system in place where your existing health insurance policy will provide coverage when you have been injured or are in need of medical care in that country. It is best to have travel insurance that will cover for adverse situations and unforeseen expenses.

Travel insurance will cover most of the common risks but will exclude water sports and all kinds of adventure sports. Extreme sports insurance usually covers everything from skydiving to paragliding, rock climbing to deep sea diving. Water sports insurance specifically covers all types of underwater or marine activities you can think of.

Like any other insurance, you will need to indulge in a fair bit of research to find relevant water sports insurance policies. It is better if you first talk to your present insurer, with whom you may have life insurance, health insurance or travel insurance. Most companies offering travel insurance will also provide water sports insurance. You can get an idea of the kind of policy they offer and then compare the same with quotes from other insurers. Simple online queries are sufficient to get as many estimates as you want. The objective is not to find the cheapest water sports insurance. You should look at balancing cost and coverage.

Your travel insurance will already cover rowing and swimming in pools, lakes or calm seawaters. You will need coverage for adventurous activities, such as river rafting, shark cage diving, kite surfing, waterskiing or jet skiing and even free diving if you are not using any breathing apparatus. All these activities including the reasonably safe scuba diving are further broken down into categories depending on their intensity and hence risk factor. For instance, most typical travel insurance policies may offer you coverage if you are scuba diving up to a depth of thirty meters. Should you choose to dive deeper, you will need water sports insurance and make sure the exact category or intensity is covered in that policy.

Speak with insurers, Chula Vista DUI Lawyers, compare their quotes and coverage, choose holistic coverage and ensure the insurer you are considering has an impeccable record in regards to settling claims. Do not try to save a bit of money if the coverage is going to be futile when you actually need it.